Portland to Host Petanque Tournament

PORTLAND, Ore. — The north end of Portland’s Westmoreland Park is the home of the Portland Petanque Club.

Petanque is a Bocce-like game developed in France in the early 1900s.

“Petanque is the world’s most popular game most American’s have never heard of,” said Steve Walker, president of Portland Petanque Club. 

In petanque, players throw out a small ball called a jack. Players then toss hollow steel balls at the jack. 

The closest to the jack scores the points.

Janet Kirtland has traveled the world playing petanque. She finished third at the nationals earlier this year. 

She calls this her “epic year for petanque.”

Kirtland plays because she likes the camaraderie and the competition.

This weekend the Portland Petanque Club is hosting the Rose City Open. Players from as far away as Montreal, Canada will be here to play.

If you’d like more information on the game and the tournament click here.